ysabella_dolfin (ysabella_dolfin) wrote,

Watching local access Asian TV

In Japanese. A cooking show. I have no idea what any of the ingredients are... but I recognize ground beef and some type of musrhoom. I am getting the feeling they are cooking "American" food. But they are serving it over rice with sliced fresh spinach. The theme song is some kind of Japanese rap music.

Of course I just got out of the bath where I had my new Gourmet magazine and a bottle of good wine. Food around the world was the theme. I've been gearing up for my eventual foray into period cooking by not using non period foods in my every day cooking. I find I am missing sambal olek. And corn. And peppers. And hot sauce. I love spicy food :)

Some of the North African cuisines use some very similar spice combinations to what one would see in a period cook book (cardomon, cinamon, fennel, garlic, galangal etc), plus hot peppers of course. And I am guessing from the stuff I've read and my own experiences with agrarian communities where pig products were more handy (much easier to raise a pig that is like a very large dog that will eat scraps etc vs a Cow which needs much more in the way of resources and space), that pig fat was the most commonly used for cooking (vs. butter etc). Or fowl fat (goose, duck) which keeps pretty well.

I might be all creative and stuff and do some period food for the meeting we are having here on Thursday with the officers and incoming Principality royals. IF I am a good girl and get some of my sewing done. I also need to put together my class for Newcomers (consorting 101, by the princess!) and organize my new sewing room. I think for my brithday I am going to have my house professionaly cleaned! 

Had a great time hanging out with Cat and Steph and Seyle last night. Some of us went to Chevy's for Margs and nosh. It was pretty fun. I really like Ruse's room mate, Robin. She is a lot of fun and I am sure we will have her to an event soon. Meadbh came by today and hung out a bit. She and Seamus are getting a divorce and it's been hard on both of them. We had some champagne and some giggles.
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